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Cruising in Tunis

Gay spots in Tunis - Tunisia

Belvedere Park

Avenue Taieb M'Hiri

Cruising begins on the right of the café.
Best time: between 6 pm and 9 pm, in spring and summer.
You can do things between the trees, especially when it's dark.

Hammam Les Bains Guerin

Rue l'Ancienne Douane

Best hours: from the evening on and on Saturdays.
Best spot: cruisier in the hotter rooms.
No nudity is allowed. Be discreet.
The place is very tolerant, provided no obvious behaviour is seen or heard.

Blanko Beach Club

Gammarth Beach

Reglular kitesurfing school / beach bar / disco, with occassional and unofficial themed parties.

Istanbul Disco

4 Avenue Hedi Chaker
Sousse 4011

Located in Hotel Justinia.
Algerian and tunisian music. Pool tables, dance, fun.
A place to drink & pick up and move forward.

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