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Cruising in Dubai

Gay spots in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Jumeriah Public Beach

2A Street

Frequented by gays in the late evenings. Good place to pick up. Lots of eye contact and much more once you get into the water!
Best times: late evenings.
Be careful of undercover police.

Deira Park

Omar Bin Al-Khattab Road

Benches near the cafeteria are a good spot.
Best times: early evenings till midnight or later on Thursdays.
There can be police around the toilet area, so be a little discreet.

Palm Strip Mall

Jumeirah Road
Jumeirah 1

Make eye contact, if he's interested you'll know.
Best times: 7-11 pm.
Best spots: the urinals.

Sheraton Hotel

3 Sheikh Zayed Road

Locals of all ages, also some hotel staff are approachable. Outside: many migrant workers from Pakistan, India…
Best times: all day and evening.
Best spots: health club changing rooms and the creek running at the back of the hotel.
Be careful of police.

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