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Middle-east gay sex
Cruising in Doha

Gay spots in Doha - Qatar

Corniche Promenade

By car, specially at night

For curious guys. Be very discreet.
Best times: late at night.
Watch for police patrols.

City Centre Mall

Conference Centre

Eye contact in front of mirrors, and show your in urinals. Go somewhere else for the fun. Local guys, expats, workers.
Best times: late mornings and late afternoons.
Best spots: all bathrooms, but the best are close to Carrefour Supermarket and the food court.

Caribou Coffee

City Center Doha Shopping Mall
Conference Centre

Wear a red handkerchief in your behind pocket to get noticed.

Fishermen Cafe

Al Corniche Street

Arabs, Asian, Western gays are coming for sisha and cruising.

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