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Cruising in Cairo

Gay spots in Cairo - Egypt

Nile Corniche

Along the river from the Nile Hilton

A good place for meeting guys. After you meet someone, go somewhere else for action.
Best times: 9 pm - midnight. There might be some hustlers.
Occasional police activity. Whenever there are undercover police around, men diseappear and come back later.

Ramses Station

Ramses Square
Al Azbakeyah

Biggest gay place in all Cairo. If you just stop outside by the bus station, you can easily make a lot of eye contact. Most of the guys have no place to go and some are asking for money, be careful.
Best times: 24 hours a day, mostly between 4 pm and midnight.
Best Spot: the urinals.
All ages. Gay, straight, married men, bi.
Be very careful of pickpockets, police, and some others who just try to do it for money, especially with tourists.

Kalaoun Hammam

80 Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi
Khan Al Khalili

Owner is very friendly.
Wear a towel at all times and try not to be seen performing.
Best times: from 1 pm to 5 pm.
Cruising is dangerous all over Egypt, so exercise discretion.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Street 232
Digla Maadi

The restrooms are located upstairs from the coffee shop.
Best time: afternoons or evenings.
Go upstairs, mens room is to your right across from the coffee bean's kitchen.

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