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Middle-east gay sex
Cruising in Alexandria

Gay spots in Alexandria - Egypt

El Shalalat Park

Bab Sharqi WA Wabour Al Meyah
Qesm Bab Sharqi

Eye contact and friendly smile.
Best times: evenings between 8 and 10pm, particularly Thursday evenings.

Kayet Bai Old Citadel

13 Kayet Bai
Ras at Tin
Qesm Al Gomrok

Make eye contact and follow up with the right guy. Be polite and decent.
Best time: sunset till late night.
Best spot: behind the huge rocks by see shore.

Pizzeria L'Osso bucco

32 El-Horeya Road
Al Mesallah Sharq
Qesm Al Attarin

Sometimes full of gays, sometimes not.
Best time: after 9pm. Best spot: inside.
Be discreet, but joking and flirting with the waiters may be helpful.

Amoun Hotel

32 El Nasr Square
Qesm Al Mansheyah

Disco popular with gays.

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